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24Sep, 2021
Taking businesses online

Online businesses grew revenue during COVID

Ever wondered what this façade about online businesses is all about? What does it even mean and why should I even care? Brick and motor businesses have ruled the world and they will continue to do so for many years to come, or so we believe. In the US, eCommerce sales rose by 44% last year which was the most significant single-year increase since eCommerce became a serious player in the retail space at the beginning of the century. In Kenya, the eCommerce sales growth was a staggering 66% contributing to the worldwide growth of 26% in 2020.


If there is anything COVID taught me, is how fortunate we are to be living in the internet generation. With curfews, limited movement and social distancing, businesses were forced to close their doors and many of them were brought to a halt leading to some even closing their doors indefinitely. What was amazing though is, as some closed, there are those businesses that thrived exponentially. Among these, were businesses that already had an online presence and those that were in the process of making the switch or adopting an online presence to compliment their products and services.


If there was ever a time to seriously consider getting to understand what the internet is and its capabilities, this is the time. With a phone, laptop and an internet connection, there are endless possibilities on what you can do and achieve today. You could very easily start an online business within a few hours. The beauty with this is, you don’t even have to quit your current job to do it.


I know there are many lingering questions; Where do I even start? How much will it cost me? Do I have to hire a technical person to do all this for me? Well, it all starts with a simple domain name registration and hosting. In our subsequent blogs, we’ll endeavor to take you on a journey to grow your business online, to take advantage of the endless possibilities and markets you can interact with.


Get started here. Happy hosting everyone.

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